[FPLO] how to set ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic/paramagnetic

Deepa Kasinathan d.kasinathan at ifw-dresden.de
Thu Mar 4 18:46:43 CET 2010

Hello luxiaohua_525,

   What is your name and which university do you work at ?
   Where you able to fix your memory problem that you had mentioned in your 
previous email to the user group ?  It would be nice if you update us.

Now, to your new questions:
1. How do you plot DOS vs. Energy ? I mean, what kind of graphical program 
are you using to visualize the +dos.total file ? (common options are 
Gnuplot, xmgrace, etc.) This part of the analysis is the responsibility of 
the user to find a way that is best suited for them. But, we can help you 
if you tell us which software you use to plot.

2. Your second question is un-understandable. Would you like to set up an 
antiferromagnetic calculation and you do not know how to set this up ? If 
that is the case, then please read the "Documentation". It is availabe at 
Please look at the Appendix (page 38) for a detailed explanation.

If this was not your problem, then re-phrase your question.


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On Thu, 4 Mar 2010, luxiaohua_525 wrote:

> dear fplo-users
>     I am a fresh fplo-users. I am confused to two questions.
>     1.  how to set y axis step according to me.  when  I plot DOS to
> energy.
>     2.  how to set paramagnetic/antiferromagnetic/ferromagnetic from
> "=in." when I calculate its DOS.
>     I am looking forward to you.
>     thank you reply to me!

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